Hello! Just to set the agenda here; will I be writing blog posts regularly? Probably not! I wanted to do a little bit of writing whilst I’m waiting for the Coronavirus to die off and leave us alone.

This is a forced sabbatical.

We’re not allowed to be outside or be distracted by the outside world. The silver lining of this whole self-isolation and social distancing comprises of two keys things. 1. we’re actually connecting better than we have been before. And 2. maybe we all needed this hard reset.

I have heard the interesting argument that the coronavirus outbreak was the pin in popping to economic bubble, whilst this may be true I don’t think it matters. We have all been able to get the chance to take a step back from life and really think about what is important for us.

Like many folks I have felt the hot kiss of lead from the redundancy gun and I actually feel fine about this. Noone wanted to do this and I don’t blame anyone for the decision made.

Lots of businesses are founded in times like this and my wife Alyssa has seized this opportunity to finally get something going. We’re now able to take a chance as we have nothing to lose and we’re in the early stages of getting her illustration work off the ground (she’ll be doing merch and prints very soon)! be a pal and give her a follow if you like this sort of thing. She’d be delighted.

For me, the benefits have taken a little while to become clear but now hitting the end of the first week I can feel them. This is a great time to think about what you want to do, and what you REALLY care about. For me, this has been coming to terms with the forced changes (work and play), taking a step back and looking at what I have. It’s been a personal stocktake.

The cogs have started to turn once again, and I’m dusting off the old creativity machine. I feel excited to start and finish projects again, and even more motivated to get these done. It’s true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. I can’t wait to get out there to some cool coffee spots and experience more nature in California not to mention heading out on some awesome road trips.

Social media has been simply delightful to wake up to each morning. From simple live calls to engage people with each other, zoom coffee mornings/drinking sessions and the fun ideas people are coming up with the entertain folks. Shout out to Kat Melheim for her “draw with me” Instagram live chats!

Seeing folks also come together to rally and support each other in the coffee industry has also been very stimulating and humbling. Hospitality people are having a hell of a time at the moment and hearing about their little wins in this tricky time has been motivating. I am loving the content that @_quarantinecoffeeclub are putting out at the moment and all of the people involved. You guys are bringing a touch of joy to the coffee community.

Today I was listening to the Cat & Cloud podcast’s most recent episode touches on the whole Coronavirus disruption. The idea that things will go back to the way they are is just not possible. We would love to go back to pre corona operations, but I think all of us know this has changed the game. People may not be able to come back to their old employers once this has all blown off. New strategies will be formed, and sadly we will lose some of our great independent businesses.

I am hoping that overall the changes post corona outbreak are not going to all be negative. This may well shake up some more traditional industries, not to mention the likelihood of remote working becoming more mainstream. if you could make it work now, why not offer it in the future? What is holding you back? If you don’t trust your staff, then you may need to take a step back and look at why you feel that.

The workplace will be changed forever and I think that this will overall be a positive thing. We have scrambled and hustled to make things work at such last minute notice and have pulled it off. We could always do it. We just didn’t get to go ahead until now.

Takeaways from the first week



March 27, 2020


Mate, this is an absolutely great article! Thanks ?
I’m right there with you allowing this forced sabbatical/sabbath to settle in and help me get a jump on the projects that have been lingering for too long.
Stay safe

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